Street Lamps in Church Lane, Shepton Mallet

None of the Trustees of Shepton Mallet Almshouses is sure when lighting was affixed to the wall of the Strode Almshouses. It was apparent that they had been there a long time as the metal was corroding and beginning to damage the listed properties.

Our engineer, Trustee Ernie Woodford, attempted to get them removed so that refurbishment works could be carried out and we are grateful to the Town Council for helping us; however our sincere thanks go to County Cllr John Parham for finally persuading Somerset County Council Lighting to act and put in two new lamp posts, with modern but in keeping lamps to safely illuminate this historic area of the town. The street scene is considerably enhanced and United Charities is now able to complete the refurbishment of its historic buildings to the benefit of the residents.

Jeff Curtis, Chairman

Photos of Cllr John Parham and trustees, including one of our sponsored snowdrop bin can be found at:

Street Lamps at Shepton Mallet’s Ancient Almshouses